Our specialty is the production of gold bronze for the bronzing machine. Due to more than 50 years of experiences in the production we have been able to adapt the gold bronze to the needs of our customers and to improve it continuously.


The traditional bronzing is still one of the noblest printing methods because the high quality of the brilliant gold effects can not be achieved by any other refining process. The exclusivity of the bronze is particularly used for high-quality packaging such as Cigar wrappers, labels, congratulations and greeting cards, brochures etc.


In this finishing technique a strongly adhesive gold dusting size is first applied in an offset printing process. Afterwards the brilliant bronze particles are applied and rubbed into the adhesive dusting size by using the bronzing machine. Finally the excessive bronze particles are removed in the closed extraction system. The result of of this finishing technique is a surface gloss with a silky-brilliant shimmer that can not be achieved by any other printing process.
If you are interested, we would be pleased to get you in contact with professional bronzing printing companies or the bronzing machine manufacturer.








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