The roots of our company go back to the year 1812, when leaf gold was still beaten by hand at the location in Fürth.


In the mid-nineties a new production site was sought and found in the still existing factory in Könisghammer. With the help of hydroelectric power, sheet metals and later (around the turn of the century) bronze powder were industrially produced in stamping machines and shipped all over the world.


Since the 1960s, copper has been melted in our foundry, alloyed with zinc and then atomised into a granulate. After this process it is even today grounded in ball mills, subsequently polished and at last fractionated in different intricacies and all of that using up to 80 percent of our own green electricity which is extracted from environmentally friendly hydropower.


Even though we are a small, independent, family-owned company we have always been able to stay competitive on the market and to constantly improve our products thanks to our consolidated knowledge and our decades of experiences in the production of metal powders.


Due to our "size", we are very flexible, rely on quality and can react quickly to specific customer requirements.



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